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Aiding and Abetting
A Post GS3 RPG
Case 1 
14th-Apr-2008 09:09 pm
The case begins after third game, about two months after the events at Hazukura Temple. The body of Nicky Cadaverini is found the bathroom of the Gatewater Hotel during a particularly exclusive party attended by both the Cadaverini family (third game) and the Kitaki (fourth game). The only suspect of the case is Big Wins Kitaki, who was supposedly over heard by the victim making some shady dealings during the party.

This is what is known to the general public. More in depth information for the police will be created and given accordingly.

On the Case -

Defense Attorney - Kristoph Gavin

Prosecutor - OPEN

Defendant - Big Wins Kitaki (character open for application)

Witnesses - We could use two or three people to volunteer
Dick Gumshoe

In charge of case plot - rimoraequitatis's player and ttlydemasque's player

If you'd like to help plot or request a role please go HERE.

The plot is still under construction.
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