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Aiding and Abetting
A Post GS3 RPG
Hey guys, me again. Just a few things to mention. The rp is set in… 
22nd-Apr-2008 07:10 am
Hey guys, me again.

Just a few things to mention. The rp is set in Los Angeles, California so everyone knows. This is following the American games, so think of things on those terms. If that's a problem please let the mods know.

Secondly the disbarment issue. As you see we've acquired a Phoenix (hurray!), in_your_defense. As of now the disbarment will not happen. He can be accused of such, he can be brought before a committee, but for the sake of keeping the rp free of restraints the actual disbarment will not be worked towards. If anyone has an opinion on the matter they'd like to share you can comment here, or address the mods with any thoughts/complaints. I believe any discrepancies the Apollo Justice characters may have with this can be fixed, but if it's really a problem let the mods know.

Finally the practice case infortmation.

What the public knows - A famous club singer, Miranda Notes, has been arrested for murdering a man who has apparently been stalking her. Everyone expected her to claim self defense, since she had a restraining order against the man, Aiden Broussard, but she insists that she is innocent. The murder weapon was her own shoe. The police believe she pushed the man then, while he was down, kicked his head hard enough with the heel to kill him.

What the Police/Prosecution and what the defense knows will be put in separate posts only viewable to them.

Prosecution: Franziska
Defense: Kristoph
Judge: Rolin
Witnesses: Felicia (Ivory Kaydance), Gumshoe (Police testimony), Scarfle (Simon Argus)

Non Canon Witnesses -

Ivory Kaydance - Who will be played by herrgavin's player. I'll contact you with details soon.

Simon Argus - We still need someone for this role. Please consider, it'd be good practice for playing witnesses later. Taken, thank you Scarfle!

The role of Miranda is also up, though she should have little actual action.
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23rd-Apr-2008 08:55 pm (UTC)
Haha. They really didn't get a long.

Though, I kinda got very crack-y in the end because I was half asleep XD
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